How can I find out whether I am eligible for a grant?

You can check whether you are eligible by visiting our Eligibility  page.

I am an individual - can I still apply for a grant?

You can approach a suitable Organisation to put you forward. You will first need to convince them that you meet all of the Eligibility criteria. Of course, you may also be in competition with their own members that they wish to nominate.

Your best course of action is to ask your College, Club or representative body to work with you to prepare an application and put it forward on your behalf.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for any amount between £500 and £5,000. In your detailed application, you will have to explain to us how you intend to use your grant if you receive it, and how it will help you in achieving your dream in the realm of Arts or Sports

Do I have to use the money in a certain way?

You will have explained to us in your detailed application how you intend to spend the grant. We will have taken this into account when considering the application. However, as a guide, we will normally expect you to spend the money on specialist equipment, training and competitions associated with your chosen expertise.

Is the grant means-tested?

The grant is not means-tested as such. However, our Mission Statement states 'The Arts & Sports Trust helps young people who have the talent and determination to further develop their skills and abilities in the fields of the Arts or Sports, but who may not have the financial resources to achieve their objectives.'

If I have already received a grant from you, can I apply again?

Yes you can. We take each application on it's merits, compared to the others in the current period.

If you refuse my application, can I appeal?

No, you cannot appeal. Much as we would like to say 'yes' to every application, we have limited funds, and we always have to make decisions based upon your application compared against all the others received in the current period. Our decision is final. Of course, you can always re-apply, and we will always be willing to consider it again in a new period.