Current Grant Recipients.

It has been another fantastic year, with some amazing young people looking for Grants to help them fulfil their dreams. We were very privileged to be able to help some of them.

16 year Old Amy Maxwell-Smith is making progress as a Singles Figure Skater. We were impressed by Amy's dedication to her sport and the tough training regime to which she commits. Equally, we recognise the support and commitment of her family and coaching team to help her realise her ambitions.

Leah Doherty’s experience and dedication from an early age in Musical Theatre shows her commitment to a profession that she clearly loves. Her decision to take a teaching qualification to help out over quiet periods shows a level head and realistic view of life ahead.

In reading Canoe Slalom Athlete Jessica Magson’s personal statement and the endorsements of those who support and encourage her, we are truly awed and inspired by her dedication and her achievements. We have no doubts that she is destined to be a superstar in her chosen sport, and we look forward to celebrating her future success.

The personal story of Drama and Dance student Shea Watterson shows us that focus, hard work and dedication can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. He will go all the way, and bring us all joy in his performances, but we hope that he will also take some time to show others that they, too, can achieve their dreams if they, like him, are prepared to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

We are very proud to be able to support once again Judo Junior Champion Eric Ham. Eric's progress and achievements speak for themselves. He is determined to be at the Japan Olympics 2020, and we will follow his progress with great interest and excitement.

Kelly Manning’s love of Musical Theatre shines through. We are impressed that she wants to perform professionally, but she also wants to pass on her passion and enthusiasm through teaching of Dance.

It is young people like young Ice Dance and Figure Skater Lily Matthias that inspired us to start our charity. She is so young, yet so talented, dedicated, and determined to reach the heights of her chosen sport. We see, in her, a future International Champion, and we will be very proud to be able to say we helped in some small way to allow her to realise her dreams and her potential.

The enthusiastic endorsement of her Music Theatre College reflects Hope Thompson’s hard work and dedication. Her prior training and on-stage experience has clearly prepared her for a successful career in Musical Theatre and Dance, and we are delighted to be able to assist with funding for specialist training.

In three short years, Canoe Slalom Athlete Kurts Adams Rosentals has shown that he has the talent and dedication to reach International Stardom in his chosen sport. We look forward to seeing him represent his country at the highest level in future World events.

Music Theatre Trainee Connor Kelly is, clearly, a highly-motivated and determined young man. He works hard, not just at his Theatre studies, but also to earn enough to support himself. He is already sharing his love of Dance with other young people, and his enthusiasm will inspire them.